Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Living Vicariously Through Foster and Laura . . .

and fondly remembering our camping days with young kids. Here are a few photos of their recent trip to the Campbell Lakes area. Great adventures can happen close to home and for me always seem to involve a memorable meal. Food always tastes so good when eaten outside, especially when prepared over an open fire. In Laura's words, here is their "recipe":

- frying pan
- tin foil
- grill
- oven mitts (essential ... we forgot them)
- knive and cutting board

- Cowichan Bay Farm Italian Style Chicken Sausages
- root vegetables -- potatoes, yams, onion, garlic
- cucumber, apple, aged white cheddar cheese
- white home brew wine

Cut potatoes, yams and onion up in about 1 inch chunks. Should oil or butter the bottom of the tin foil ... ours stuck. Make tin foil pocket and add whole gloves of garlic. Foster made some sort of sauce that we brought with us ... I'll have to ask him what was in it.
We fried the sausages in grape seed oil in frying pan.

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